Our Design

Inecom's CEO and head of design is Mark Bussler, a professional artist and video producer with more than 20 years experience. Mark works in physical and digital media creation to design original products that look great and stand out.

Our Story

1999: Inecom founded as an early pioneer in the Internet streaming video business.

2000: We entered the world of e-commerce on the World Wide Web (using Netscape, I think!)

2008: Classic Game Room launched on YouTube. CGR has more than 500,000,000 views.

2012: Inecom entered the print and clothing industry. Do you like shirts? We like shirts!

2017: The successful Ultra Massive Video Game Console Guide book series and Ethel the Cyborg Ninja launched on

2018: Classic Game Room 2085 premiered on Amazon Prime. Inecom released a series of books on the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

2019: Inecom continues to grow as a leader in print on demand design, retro art for clothing, Internet video marketing, e-commerce, print publishing, and more.